Tahanir gaan is an online based singing challenge

Tahanir gaan is an online based singing challenge that intends to encourage people to stay at home during this crisis and involve themselves in productive works. Promoting the nourishment of talents within people, it tries to provide a platform for the larger audience to recognise and accept the raw talents of the artists.

Guidelines for the challenge ---
1) Time Limit for the video is 2-3 minutes.
2) Genre / Category is Classical 90's songs
3) Song must be performed in Assamese language.
4) There is no Age Limit for the performer.
5) Last date of submission is 7th April.
4) Digital certificate, cash  prize of Rs. 1501/ will be awarded to the winner.
5) Audience reaction on the post shared under the banner Late Night Talkies will be the mode of selection of the winner.
6) Performance can be Solo/Duet/Group.
7) Assisting musician for instrumentation will be allowed.
8) Without any concern from the prior authorisation of the team Late Night Talkies, video received for the challenge can not be published elsewhere until the results have been declared.

The video can be sent via mail, whatsapp and facebook.
Whatsapp number- 970-606-8959
Facebook id - Late Night Talkies

Thank you for your kind support.
Team Late Night Talkies

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